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Monday, March 28, 2011

How do I...

Upload a 116mb file through my Microsoft Outlook email? I've already trimmed a 1 hour radio program mp3 file down to just 16 minutes but it is still too large to squeeze through the interweb. Google mail has a 25mb limit and using Comcast's internet email method doesn't seem to work either.

Suggestions please?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday evening week in review-

I used to squeeze in a post most every Sunday evening but that habit slipped off some time back- completely unremarked by the (very) few of you that still stop by but I'd thought I might try to get back into the habit. This last week has been full and busy and heartbreaking, so it's only fair that I share some of it with you.

You already might have seen that we took our Very Elderly Visla to the vet for her very last appointment. That was a heartbreaker for everyone concerned but it really was time. We are missing her around here very much. Eating the last bite of my peanut butter toast or lunch snadwich seems completely foreign to me as she has shared those bites these many years. The picture down below actually shows Sandy enjoying her last bite of peanut butter toast before leaving for the vet's office, that's why her lips are curled and her teeth are showing, not because she was snarling as it appears.

I stayed busy job hunting this week. The job interview for the hardware store job seemed to go well but they haven't called and asked me to start. The store is scheduled to open on April 11 so if they are going to call, I suppose it will be soon. I applied for a job as a maintenance manager for some type of equipment fleet. That should be a shoe-in as I was an aircraft maintenance manager for 18 years while in the service! I even took the time to write a new resume that focused on my experience managing aircraft fleet maintenance requirements. But again, I haven't heard anything back from that action; maybe next week.

I applied for a handful of jobs with the giant orange box store so maybe I'll land a job that requires me to wear an orange apron everyday. We'll see.

I actually may have scored a job as a Program Manager but it is contract work similar to what I've done for 10 years and the contract won't be issued until July. If the company that contacted me wins the contract, I'll be fully employed in August but that sure is a very long way away.

The BSU and I went out to the movies Friday night and saw Lincoln Lawyer which although it's no Oscar candidate, it is a decent and interesting tale. Matthew McConaughey plays an LA defense lawyer that prefers operating from the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car who runs into a big-time case that really puts all his skills to task. It isn't too long before he realizes that his client is not only probably guilty of the current crime he is accused of but is without doubt guilty of killing a woman that another client went to jail for all the while claiming his innocence. But in spite of threats to his family and the murder of his good friend and investigator, he manages to earn an aquittal for his client and the fat payday that was agreed upon while getting justice done on all coounts. It was definitely a worthwhile movie for the cost of the tickets and popcorn so go see it if you're so inclined.

Oh yeah, we got out taxes done... Being unemployed and having to take money out of a couple retirement accounts has not done me any favors with the IRS and the state. Not sure at all how I'm going to get everything paid that needs paid but it sure is going to keep me eating cheap for a significant period of time!

Next week- a coule days of driving cars, taking the BSU to the airport for another trip to Oregon, a Dr.'s appointment, and I have to get the Lincoln inspected so I can buy registration for the next year. The Lincoln needs new air springs up front, (and maybe more suspension parts) so getting it passed might be a trick. And perhaps I'll get fishing line wet for the first time this year with Jim & Kenny but it has to quit snowing first!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What to wear-

For a job interview this afternoon for a hardware store job?

Khakis and a dress shirt and tie seem about right.

The good news? The store isn't even open yet- still under construction and right here in Ogden so not too much of a commute. I'll bet I can sell hardware.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sandy Lou, R.I.P.

Today was Sandy Dog's last day on this planet and she is now enjoying a pain-free life on Piddler's Green. She was close to 20 years old, deaf, nearly blind and arthritic. For the past several weeks she has been having more trouble negotiating the stairs and couldn't get herself up when she slipped off her feet on the concrete floor in the laundry room a couple times in the past week.

Sandy Lou March 21, 2011

Sandy had been living with us since about 2002 when the young man next door asked us to babysit her as he was moving on to a job that required him to fly everyday. He had rescued her, healed the injuries she suffered physically and emotionally and loved her with his whole heart. But she's been a part of our family for quite some time now and we will miss her kind heart.

It's been a painful day around here...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's that awkward time of year again-

It's too early to put away the snow shovel but already time to break out the rakes and start spring yard cleanup! The winter snow always leaves my yard looking terrible and every leaf left unraked last fall is matted and soggy in the grass. I got started on the front yard today and got picked up the worst part of the crud but only got about 1/3 of the yard raked before my arms called for a time out.

There's still lots of yard left!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Dead or Alive- a book review

Do you remember the first time you were introduced to a Tom Clancy novel? Was it The Hunt For Red October like it was for me? Did you get hooked by the intricate detail, suspense and character development and tear right into Red Storm Rising? I sure did! I was an avid fan of Tom Clancy's work and his main character, Jack Ryan, right up until Tom started writing books that read like video game, first person shooter scripts. At that point, I decided that Tom had sold out to the video game producers and I gave up after Rainbow Six.

But let me tell you, Tom Clancy is back to his former skills with Dead or Alive! I picked this up a couple weeks ago and loved every one of the 848 pages! Jack Ryan is back as the now retired, ex-president but his son, Jack Jr, is the main character here, working in a non-governmental, off the books, self-supported terrorist hunting agency, The Campus. This group is intercepting CIA and NSA communications and making their own analysis and then sending out field agents to track them down. John CLark and Ding are back from their service with Rainbow Six and involuntarily retired from their government service and quickly picked up The Campus for their unique skills.

What terrorist are they chasing? Well in this story, he's called the Emir but he's the guy responsible for the attacks of September 11, 2001, so you can draw your own conclusions. The Emir has a grand scheme that The Campus gets wind into his plans and the story takes place all around the world tracking down counterfitters, snitches and couriers. The Emir, long sought in the mountains of Afghanistan has departed the area and taken up temporary residence in Las Vegas of all places!

It gets bloody. The story is intricate, detailed and suspenseful. Jack Ryan Sr decides he can't stand the direction that the country is headed under the new president and declares his candidacy for election to replace the soft, unskilled, wishy-washy president currently in the White House...

Clancy really hits a homerun with this book and I heartily recommend it. It is dense but if you remember the adventures of John Clark and Ding and Ryan, you must give this book a read. Look past those disappointing video game script stories and give this one a chance, you will quickly fall under Clancy's amazing story telling spell.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Why do you suppose-

that Dave Baggott, the owner of the Ogden Raptors Baseball Club called me this afternoon? And why did I miss his call since my phone was in my pocket all day?

Honestly, I have no idea why he called. I may find out tomorrow since whoever took my return call this afternoon wrote down my info and said he would pass it along.

You don't suppose he has a job for me do you? I could play Oggie, the raptor mascot and dance on the dugouts!

UPDATE: Dave called me. Apparently I left a message months back related to Ogden Clear Headlights and he was just clearing off his desk. He did offer me a killer advertising deal that I would love to be able to take him up on for my little 1 man business. The deal included 2 concourse banners, 1 each on the left field and right field concourse walls, a 30 second advertising spot on each radio broadcast of the games and enough ballgame tickets that I could attend every game with all my friends.

I really need a logo and just a few hundred bucks! I wonder if I did afford this opportunity if it would boost my sales. It would be some real advertising, something I haven't afforded so far and I would love to be a Raptor supporter, so this is a very tempting offer.